rebecca holder

2000, 2008, 2012 (long listed)

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Becky Holder became a part of the US Team during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Riding Highland Hogan, she earned a spot as the traveling reserve pair. Becky then solidified her place as one of the top world event riders on Courageous Comet. The two were unstoppable, with multiple top three finishes at Rolex and Team selection for the Olympics and WEGs. Becky and Comet become one of the all time high point earning combinations in the history of the sport.Becky is a skilled instructor who enjoys helping others reach their potential. She served as the YR coach in Area IV and currently instructs the Central States Dressage and Eventing Association’s Junior Developing Rider Program. She also travels throughout the country for clinics. Finding great satisfaction in training, Becky is well known for her success with starting horses. She enjoys bringing young horses up through the levels and teaching them what they can do while showing off how well they can do it. Her current mounts include Can’t Fire Me and Telperion, as well as client horses.2013 Multiple 3* and advanced wins on Can’t Fire Me.2012 AEC Advanced Champion, Gold Cup Champion on Courageous Comet, long listed for London Olympics on Can’t Fire Me2010 World Equestrian Games, USEA Advanced Champion, 3rd at Rolex 2008 member of US Beijing Olympic Team, 2nd at Rolex2007 USEA Gold Cup Series Advanced Champion on Courageous Comet2006 USEA Gold Cup Series Intermediate Champion on RejuvenateNamed to the USET High Performance training list multiple times



Lisa Borgia
We have a few shares remaining in this syndicate. This elite group of ten are joint owners of Telperion, Becky’s future 4* horse. You have a true understanding of how campaigning an event horse through the upper levels has become too expensive for most professional riders to do, especially for a string of horses. Of course, this is exactly what riders need to accomplish in order to remain at the top of the eventing sport and to stay eligible for the US Eventing Team. Event horse syndicate ownership has become the means by which professional riders like Becky can continue to develop young horses and campaign upper level mounts. This ownership group not only owns a real fraction of the horse, they are entitled to attend the owner’s special events at event venues, meeting other owners and riders at places like Rolex. As an owner, you have complete access to Telperion at any event or at Becky’s training facilities. You also have the true satisfaction in supporting the US Eventing Team to continue to put the best riders in world competitions. The Silver Tree Group is a wonderful collection of the very best of people keenly interested in the future of eventing, and of Becky’s role in that future. Please take a minute to review the materials attached, and feel free to contact me, Lisa Borgia, or Becky Holder to discuss how you can become a part of this group. Thank you for your interest and time. We look forward to hearing from you soon!