Sara Kozumplik Murphy

Berryville, VA

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Sara Kozumplik Murphy is married to Irish show jumper Brian Murphy. An "Army Brat," she was born at West Point while her American soldier father was teaching there. Sara grew up in England and Virginia. Her mother is English and always set up a BHS riding school wherever in the world they ended up be stationed. Sara realizes how lucky she was to grow up in this environment, and learned a huge amount from this talented horsewoman. Sara herself is an "A" rated graduate Pony Clubber, and was one of the first people to become a certified ICP instructor in this country.Sara went to Rolex Kentucky for the first time with her off-the-track Pony Club horse when she was 20. As You Like It, or "Auggie," went on to recieve that year's Developing Rider Grant from long time eventing supporter, Jacquie Mars, which enabled them to compete at Blenheim International CCI*** in England. Over the next few years Auggie completed once more at Blenheim, two more times at Rolex, twice at the Burghley CCI****, finished seventh at the Bramham CCI*** in the under 25 class, and did the Eventing World Cup in France. Sara decided to retire him, from upper level competition after the Badminton CCI****. She was determined to retire Auggie sound, and Badminton seemed the perfect place, not only because of how famous and historical it is to the sport, but also because her mother grew up near there. Auggie was a true superstar. He taught Sara so much about cross-country riding and gave her invaluable experience at the world's most challenging events at a very young age. Auggie is happily retired at Sara's home in Berryville, Va.Sara went on to bring many horses to the advanced levels of the sport, her most famous being Somerset, who was named to the U.S. Eventing short list in 2009. Unfortunately he had terrible luck and died of a heart attack last year in his field. It is his cross country round at Rolex that is below, and he is missed by Sara every day. Sara's best friend has been a supporter and owner for her for 14 years. Edy Rameika is the reason Sara has been able to achieve so much in eventing. She and Sara started the PRO "As You Like It" Award for Owners in 2006, which is given out annually to honor the owners in our sport. $5,000 is given to the winning owner to donate to the event of their choice. "Because of the great people and horses in my life, I have been able to train and compete all over the world. I have made many mistakes in the type of young horses I bought, and the direction I was headed with my training, but I realize that has helped me to hone the program I have created today. I feel now that I have the experience and the tools in place to bring along talented young horses to the top of our sport. For myself, even if buying an upper level horse were an option, I would prefer to bring along my own horses. I think it suits my style better. I am blessed that I have been able to purchase four lovely horses over the past 18 months, and I am extremely excited for their futures, and hope syndication will ensure that I won't need to sell one of them to keep everything funded properly. I am in a place in my life where I can focus solely on my long term goal of representing the United States. I intend to be part of bringing back medals to the USA regularly again. I believe I have the experience and a solid base behind me, I know my weaknesses, and I will continue to work and train hard to fix them. I work almost weekly with top dressage judge and trainer, Linda Zang, and I am not above taking advantage of the fact that I am lucky enough to be married to a very good show jumping trainer in my husband, Brian! I could not be where I am now without a huge amount of support, and I know how much I owe to the people who have got me to this point, especially Edy. We can't be successful as a country without people like you, and like her, that enable us to strive to be the best."



Sara Kozumplik Murphy
The Pinnacle Group is a unique syndicate opportunity. Rather than buying into one particular horse that may or may not become an upper-level competitor, this syndicate offers a one-time buy-in that allows you to be part of an upper-level horse for as long as you like. Delta Queen is the current horse supported by The Pinnacle Group. But if for some reason she turns out to be destined for a different career, than Sara Kozumplik Murphy will be responsible for supplying a different horse for syndication. This syndicate offers eventing supporters a way to be involved with an upper-level horse as long as Sara is riding. Need to leave the group? No problem. You don't have to find anyone to buy your share. You can leave at any time.