Callie Judy

Columbia. MO

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I am a young professional equestrian. I love the sport of Eventing and I have been competing for 10+ years. I have been very successful coming up through the levels as a Junior and Young Rider. At age fourteen, I was on the gold medal one star Young Riders team, won first place in Junior Preliminary at the American Eventing Championships, and was the USEA Junior Rider of the Year. At age sixteen, I had my first win at the Intermediate level, won the individual and team gold medals at the 2008 NAJYRC at the one star level, and was again the USEA Junior Rider of the Year. At age seventeen, I started competing at the Advanced level, and completed my first CCI three star at Bromont. These successes have come on several different horses. Additionally, I have been privileged to be able to train with several of the top Eventers in the world. There are several things that distinguish me from the typical professional Eventer. First, I am based in Columbia Missouri (although I do train and compete in Florida and Pennsylvania). Second, I compete a limited number of horses. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that I can find myself in a lull, much as I am in now, when my horses need to be off for a variety of reasons. The advantage, though, is that I am able to give each horse more of my personal attention and care. I feel that having a limited number of horses also gives me the opportunity to keep my owners as personally involved as possible. Communicating with my owners is very important to me. I think this is something that potential owners should take into consideration. So far my life in Eventing as been an amazing rollercoaster ride, a minute of which I wouldn’t trade away for anything. I would love to share my amazing experience in this sport with horse lovers who are interested in being owners. In order for me to continue the success I’ve had so far in this sport, I will need the involvement of owners who want to share this amazing journey with me.



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