Jan Byyny

Purcellville, Va.
Third Alternate, Athens Olympics, 2004
Team Gold, Individual Bronze, Fair Hill, 2003
Competed as individual, Aachen, Germany, 2006


I’ve been an Eventing professional for over 25 years now. Three years ago, I had a bad fall that impacted my feelings about the sport in many ways, most significantly confirming to me that I still have the desire and drive to be the best. I’ve worked incredibly hard every day since to come back to the highest levels of Eventing and was rewarded in the fall of 2013 with a win at our national CCI3-star championships at Fair Hill. What motivates me is that I know how good my horses are, and I also know better than most not to take anything for granted. I feel that I have a valuable perspective—that hard work, taking advantage of every opportunity to learn and improve and appreciating the horses every day—that serves me well in my pursuit of U.S. Team selection. It truly is about the journey, but having that team goal is also important to me. I work hard at what I do every day. I ride multiple horses, including doing their fitness work. I’m a hands-on manager of my horses’ health and deal directly with the vets, farriers and other professionals who support Surefire Eventing. I teach lessons and seek out learning opportunities for myself. I manage my sales and training business. When I’m done all that, I go running or play tennis. I read about sports psychology and practice good nutrition—I take being an athlete seriously. I’ve competed long enough at the international level of Eventing to know what it takes to be successful. I’ve represented the U.S. at the Pan American Championships at Fair Hill, where I won team gold and individual bronze, represented the U.S. as an individual at the Aachen, Germany World Equestrian Games, competed on U.S. Equestrian teams at Malmo, Sweden and Luhmuhlen, Germany, and was selected as a team alternate for the Athens Olympics. I’ve had numerous top ten placings at Rolex Kentucky, Fair Hill International, Foxhall, Jersey Fresh, Bromont and Morven Park Three-Day Events in the U.S., and have competed at Burghley, Badminton and Blenheim in England as well as Pau in France. I also try and give back to my sport, and have been particularly involved with the Young Rider program as co-chair of the Young Rider Committee, and have coached the Area IX Young Rider Championship teams for many years. I’m also a Level IV ICP (USEA’s Instructor Certification Program) instructor and serve on the United States Equestrian Federation’s Eventing High Performance and Eligible Athletes Committees. I wake up every day looking forward to what I do, and I’m as hungry now as I ever have been to represent the U.S. in competition. I’m competitive by nature, but years of experience have tempered that with a realistic knowledge of how hard this sport is. Luckily, even though I’ve competed all over the world, I still enjoy immensely my day-to-day work with the horses.


Seeking Horse
Jan Byyny
(540) 729-3977
For me, one of the greatest things about Eventing is assembling the team—horses, employees, vets, farriers, owners, sponsors, family—that help give you the best shot at success. I’m acutely aware that my achievements are due, in large part, to the Surefire Team that supports my efforts. No one does this alone. I firmly believe that Syd Kent and Why Not have the potential to be four-star and U.S. team horses for at least the next four years. The Surefire Syndicate ownership share buy-in includes both Syd and Wyatt, doubling the probability that you will own a horse selected for team representation. The syndicate buy-in is a one-time cost to the owner. Multiple-owner shares are available, allowing couples, friends and other groups to pool resources and buy into the Surefire Syndicate. The yearly maintenance fee is an ongoing obligation, and may be applied as a tax-deductible donation through the American Horse Trials Foundation (http://ahtf3day.org/about.html) and can be made in one sum or spread throughout the year in quarterly or monthly payments. Surefire Eventing will bill owners as requested. The syndicate is structured as a four-year commitment, at the end of which owners may opt to continue their involvement or may sell their ownership share to another syndicate participant. When I think about why people decide to become involved as an owner of an event horse, I imagine it’s largely for the same reasons I’ve stayed in the sport for so long: it’s a thrilling journey that can take you all over the world, introduce you to some incredible people and allows you the opportunity to share in the lives and competitions of some phenomenal horses. I invite you to consider becoming part of the Surefire Team and participate as a syndicate owner. Ownership provides a feeling that only someone vested in the horse’s success will appreciate. I will do my best and our horses will work up to their excellent potential to produce and win at the highest competitive levels. I encourage you to look through this website to learn more about Eventing, Event horse ownership and syndication. Help is available through the Event Owner’s Task Force, which has been established to help bring together riders, horse and owners in order to field competitive teams against the world’s best. The EOTF is not only able to facilitate the formation of syndicates, but also assist with legal aspects of syndication and is a valuable resource for those considering Event horse ownership. For more information about me, my horses and Surefire Eventing, visit my website at www.surefireeventing.com.