Katie Wherley

Middletown, MD


Located in Maryland's beautiful Middletown Valley, Katie Wherley's Rock Solid Training is a top-notch training and rehabilitation facility. A graduate 'A' Pony Clubber and Advanced-level eventer, Katie has trained and competed horses from the lower to upper levels in eventing, jumpers, hunters and dressage.Katie began her riding career at the age of seven, while attending summer camp at Butler School, and hasn't looked back since. She soon joined Seneca Valley Pony Club, from which she graduated with the esteemed 'A' rating at age 19. Katie quickly progressed through the levels of eventing. After graduating magna cum laude from Elon University, she established Rock Solid Training and quickly became known as the go-to trainer in her area.Katie's strong work ethic and dedication to her horses is the driving force behind Rock Solid Training. Katie's current string of horses are some of the most exciting prospects that she has ever had in the barn. All the pieces to the puzzle are there; we just need help putting it together!Whether you simply "sponsor" one lesson or go as far as to purchase a new horse for Katie to compete, every little bit helps and will help Katie reach the top level of the sport.Mr. Indiscretion is quickly progressing and will compete in his first two-star competition this year. Miss Texas will be learning the ropes at Preliminary, but is showing all the signs of being an upper level horse as well. Combined with an enthusiastic group of students, Katie's Rock Solid Training is a force to be reckoned with in the area's equestrian community.


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Katie Wherley
Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of owning an elite athlete Here's your chance! Rock Solid Training will be selling 49% of both Mr. Indiscretion and Miss Texas. This will allow for five 9.8% shares to be sold. Each share holder will have a one-time buy-in cost, plus a yearly maintenance fee (monthly and quarterly payments are available). Share holders will be listed on the web site and in show programs (when allowed). Additionally, maintenance fees can be tax deductible through the American Horse Trials Foundation. Both of Katie's main competition horses, Mr. Indiscretion and Miss Texas, were located through Katie’s connections with local racehorse trainers. Having known Katie for years, they knew she was the person to make these two horses into stars. We’ve created a flexible program that will allow more people to get involved. Experience the thrill of eventing with Katie and Rock Solid Training! Specifically support the competition string and you'll receive "ownership" shares in one of Katie's competition horses. Receive regular updates on competitions and how each horse's training is progressing through e-mail, photos and a year-end report. We're looking to build up a team of dedicated individuals and companies. If you want to become involved, but don't know where to start, consider sponsoring one of Katie's horses for month, a year, or even a single competition.