Kelly Prather

Bodega Bay

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Kelly Prather is an elite up and coming rider and trainer. Her polished track record as a rider and coach have been the result of hard work, dedication and a natural talent for working with horses. Growing up in a family of horse lovers, Kelly was on a horse before she could walk and at age 3 she was in her first show. At 17 Prather moved to England where she worked and trained for her British Horse Society exams. A year later Kelly moved to Killkenny with Carol Gee; she worked alongside Carol to start Fern Hill Sport Horses. There she gained valuable experience in training and competing sale horses of all levels. Kelly spent nine years as assistant trainer and head rider at Chocolate Horse Farm, where she dedicated herself to riding and developed her training methods. Prather has been fortunate to have some of the most elite riders in the world influence her riding and training; she also gained firsthand experience running a successful barn and business. While at CHF Kelly had the good luck to ride her longtime partner Ballinakill Glory (Pippa) who she competed through the CCI4* level. Most recently, Kelly went to England for a year working for world-ranked number one Event rider, Mr. William Fox-Pitt as his rider for the 2012 season and through the London Olympics. Having competed successfully at the CCI**** level and across the globe, Kelly boasts a decorated riding resume which includes countless wins on horses of all levels, success in the Young Event Horse program, Gold Cup victories and representing the U.S. at the World Cup Eventing Finals in Poland. With her business now based out of Bruce Davidson's Chesterland Farm in Unionville, PA Kelly has a promising group of young horses coming up the levels who look to be on target to be ready for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Her career aspiration is to represent the U.S. in international competition to aid in winning a medal for her country.



Kelly Prather
Thank you for your interest in supporting B and I as we make great strides to representing the United States in National and International events. I created the Blackfoot Mystery Syndicate, LLC to share with generous supporters like you the opportunity to experience the close involvement in B’s training, development, and competitions without the significant costs required to maintain an amazing horse like B as an individual owner. Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of representing the United States on the global stage, and I am confident this is the horse who can be my partner in that journey! Thanks to this exciting syndicate opportunity that I have set up, you can purchase a 10% Fractional Interest in the Blackfoot Mystery Syndicate, LLC for a one time payment of $6,500 and an annual maintenance fee of $3,500. This annual maintenance fee can be made directly to the Blackfoot Mystery Syndicate, LLC or to Southern California Equestrian Sports, a 501(c)(3) corporation. There are no other financial obligations for you the rest of the year. This financial support entitles you to so many benefits not offered to anyone else including: entry passes to competitions and stabling, behind the scenes updates on B’s training and development, recognition at events, private course walks, and visits to B at home or anywhere else he is training or competing. This offer is in no way intended for me to generate a profit, but rather to merely cover B’s costs and share with you the close personal involvement in B’s career. I am so grateful for your support and look forward to sharing this adventure with you! I hope you will consider joining me on this exciting journey and know that with your support and involvement, this world class horse will achieve incredible things! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. - Kelly Prather