Ashley Leith

Rider Age: 42 years old
Home Town: Ocala, FL


I am a 3* advanced level rider who grew up in New Jersey and currently lives with my husband in Ocala, FL. I have twice entered the Rolex Kentucky 4*, including this year on Jet, but was not able to compete either time due to last minute injury. I know that the third time will be the charm! The tangible reward for training for a 4* this spring was many top placings that landed us in 21st place on the "USEA Top 50 Leaderboard." The intangible reward was the daily time with my top horse. We spent hours doing fitness work and honing our skills as competitors. It has made me that much hungrier to continue my own education with horses to become an elite rider in the world of three-day-eventing. I believe in the importance of relationships and partnerships. I maintain a twelve-horse barn and from my young horses to my horses in training to my upper level horses, I am involved in every aspect of horse care. Although my staff is hand-picked, I still choose to groom and tack up my own horses every day so that I can spend the extra time on the ground with each horse. I believe in excellence and integrity, and I believe in the continual process of learning. I am a lifetime member of the USEA and USEF, an ICP Level III Certified Instructor, a member of the PRO Riders Advisory Board and a PRO Junior Mentor. I am also a graduate A of Amwell Valley Hounds Pony Club in New Jersey, a graduate with highest honors from Rutgers University with a degree in English and theater, and a 1998 Rhodes Scholar National Finalist. My website is www.ashleyleithequestrian.com. I hope you will consider joining my team. The road ahead beckons!



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