Cynthia Wiseman

Rider Age: 44 years old
Home Town: Springfield, MO


Raised in a small Midwest town in the 80's, Cynthia was not exposed to equestrian competition until her early 30's. Throughout the past 10 years, she has progressed to the Intermediate and CIC** levels of eventing.

Career highlights include the Hagyard MidSouth CCI* Classic Full Format 3-Day in 2009 and the Richland Park CIC** in 2013 along with top finishes at numerous horse trials, including the win at Intermediate at Colorado Horse Trials in 2012. In 2013, Cynthia and Vote Yes finished 11th in the nation in Open Intermediate at the American Eventing Championships.

An avid student, Cynthia earned her USEA ICP Level I Novice Certification in 2008 in an effort to further her education and test her knowledge prior to taking students in the sport.

Cynthia and Vote Yes earned their USEA Blue Ribbon Award at Intermediate Level in 2012 in addition to Cynthia being awarded the USEA Governor's Cup in 2012 for dedication to the sport of eventing.

In addition to her riding activities, Cynthia is a small animal veterinarian and has a history of being a dedicated athlete. Her numerous MIAA collegiate conference championships (including holding the Pittsburg State University 400m hurdle record for 18 years) and current successes competing in road races is a testament to her dedication and determination as an athlete.

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Vote Yes
21 years old
Career Highlights: 11th Intermediate American Eventing Championships 2013 Richland Park CIC** 2013 4th Intermediate Greenwood Fall 2012 2nd Intermediate Otter Creek Horse Trials 2012 1st Intermediate Colorado Horse Trials 2012 3rd Intermediate Greenwood Spring 2012 4th Intermediate Colorado Horse Trials 2011 4th Intermediate Otter Creek Horse Trials 2011 3rd Intermediate Greenwood Horse Trials 2011 4th Preliminary Feather Creek Horse Trials 2010 4th Preliminary Colorado Horse Trials 2010 9th CCI* Hagyard Midsouth Classic Long Format 2009 10th Preliminary American Eventing Championships 2009

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Shares: 4
Cost: $1,500
Annual: $5,000
12 years old

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Shares: 8
Cost: $4,000.00
Annual: $2,000.00