Melissa McMaster

Rider Age: 34 years old
Home Town: Ocala Fl
Pan Am: Long Listed 2011


I am genuine. There are a lot of people seeking syndication owners. They pick up a nice horse, and work on it, then come here, and ask you to buy into their horse. SO why choose me. Because I am sincere. IF my horse is on here for syndication, it's because I KNOW he is going to be able to get there. Because I have already had him out there, schooling the big stuff, seeing what he is made of. I am an honest rider. I won't ask you to spend your money on just any horse.

I am hard working. VERY. I am frugal. I don't waste money. I went to farrier school, so I could do my own feet.

I am a single Mom, who has high family and moral values.

I won't make it...without you. I am not independently wealthy. My family isn't independently wealthy. What I am is hardworking, athletic, and talented. I can bring us to the top, with your help. Thank you.



MMC Paddy Patterson
11 years old
Career Highlights: Showing Preliminary, has been in ribbons 2/3 times in Preliminary. Showing amazing aptitude both xc and dressage. In program with Peter Gray. Who says: "this horse will get 9's and 10's", "this is just the tip of the iceberg for this horse". "10 walk". Moving up to Intermediate summer 2014

Syndication Details

Shares: 10
Cost: 4000
Annual: 2000