Erin Serafini

Rider Age: 31 years old
Home Town:


Erin Spohr has been riding since she was 11 years old. She began riding in the Bay Area. There she became a C3 in Pony Club and evented through the Preliminary level. She then moved to Northern California to ride with Kristi Nunnink. Over the next few years Erin had two horses competing at the upper levels of eventing, Sure Thing and Hill Street. Sure Thing was Erin’s first event horse. They moved up the levels together, before selling him Erin completed in two CCI* and a few Intermediate horse trials. Hill Street turned out to be Erin’s first advanced horse. From there first Training level in 2002 to their first CCI*** together at Fair Hill International in 2004. Hill Street and Erin were long listed after their advanced season together. Erin’s next advanced mount would end up being a challenging ride, Corner Street. In 2006 Erin bought Corner Street after he had rough start to his eventing career. Corner Street aka Gabe, known for his wild bucks and stubborn attitude, and Erin had a great partnership. When Erin bought Gabe she moved back east to work with Buck Davidson and Darren M. Chiacchia. In 2006 Erin earned the Highest Placed Young Rider Award at the CCI** level at Radnor Hunt International Event because of this accomplishment Erin was chosen to be part of the Developing Rider Program. Erin and Corner Street competed in a few Advanced Horse Trails back east before moving home in the summer of 2007. That summer Erin and Corner Street competed in the CIC*** at Rebecca Farm. Erin currently very excited about her new ride, Bravo, an Oldenburg stallion owned by Hidden Valley Farms. He also was very difficult to ride in the beginning of their partnership but they recently finished 4th out of 25 starters in the Training Three Day at Galway Downs in November 2010. The next year Bravo moved up to Preliminary and never placed less than 3rd. In 2011 Erin purchased 2 horses to do as turnaround horses to start her turn around business. With those 2 horses along with many others contributed by other owners Erin sold $250,000 worth of horses in a year and a half.



13 years old
Career Highlights: March 2011 Twin Rivers- Bravo earned a 22.7 in dressage with a 10 and several 9's. Adding only time penalties to end in 3rd place in his first event with a 29.7. April 2011 Galway Downs- 1st place in Open Prelim. Ending on the dressage score of 23.6 Ram Tap 2011- Bravo got a 26 in the dressage and added only time penalties to his score to end in 3rd place.

Syndication Details

Shares: 7
Cost: 10,000
Annual: 4,000