The USEF-sponsored Eventing Owners Task Force (EOTF) is a small group of eventing horse owners elected by peers in 2008 to improve owner communications with the USEF and to facilitate the expansion of eventing horse ownership.

The EOTF currently conducts informational and educational seminars about eventing ownership at national meetings and eventing venues, arranges social gatherings for owners, and spends long hours refining the details of horse ownership syndicates. The EOTF members draw from their own professional and equestrian experiences as well as leverage network connections with other equestrian organizations, owners, riders and even horse breeders, in order to establish a set of "best practices” for the range of syndications available. In addition, through aligning interests, the EOTF will continue to progress toward the common goal of reestablishing the USA Eventing Team’s dominant position in world competition.

As EOTF-facilitated syndicates form and begin to operate, the chance to measure results will allow us to determine what works and what needs adjustment. Like all good business relationships, syndicates must search for middle ground that establishes a "win/win" situation for the rider and owners. With the support of the USEF and private contributions, the EOTF will continue to oversee these projects. The goal of the EOTF is to do everything in its power to help owners and riders reach successful outcomes. Open Owners Forums (meetings arranged for individual prospects in-person) will continue to be held around the country to allow direct contact between riders and potential owners. In addition, this website will provide increasing access to detailed information about opportunities and steps to developing syndicates.

Please feel free to contact any of the EOTF members directly via email with any questions or suggestions you may have.



Winter was a good time for ideas. The horses are turned out, the pressure is off and all those things we meant to think about throughout the season finally get some time on the table. There was standing room only at the Eventing Owners' Task Force meeting in December at the 2012 USEA Annual Meeting and the level of enthusiasm and commitment to our horses and our sport was clearly obvious. Then as the calendar turned to 2013, it became time for implementation.

We started in Aiken where a group of owners got together and hosted the Aiken High Performance Owners’ Day on February 25th. Owners and riders played golf in the afternoon thanks to Palmetto Country Club, and then Fernanda Kellogg hosted a lovely reception at FoxFrolic Farm for about 75 people. The weather did its best to thwart our efforts, but in the true spirit of eventing, the show went on. Owners Annie Jones and Densey Juvonen, U.S. Coach David O’Connor and 2012 Olympian Will Coleman participated in a round table discussion moderated by Samantha Clark about the importance of ownership. Ask 10 owners and you will likely get 10 different answers about how they got involved in owning eventing horses and what keeps them in the game. But, overwhelmingly, they all talk about the community aspect of our sport. It’s unique, and that resonated deeply throughout the discussions. The day was presented by SmartPak, who is one of the USEF’s most loyal sponsors – and as part of their support, they ensured that every attendee walked away with some wonderful SmartPak products for their horses.

The Eventing Owners' Task Force is an incredible group of people who donate an extraordinary amount of time, expertise, passion and personal resources to defining and enhancing the ownership experience of US Eventing Horses. High Performance Owners’ Day in Aiken was certainly no exception. Ron and Densey Juvonen, Nanki Doubleday, Evie Dutton, Annie Jones and of course our wonderful hosts at FoxFrolic ensured that the inaugural event was a huge success and we all look forward to the next one. If you have any interest in hosting a similar event in your area, please let us know and we are happy to share our experiences and help facilitate the day.