As Eventing Fans, We Can Help

While our sport may not have the broad national popularity that it enjoys in Europe, Great Britain, and Australia—3-Day Eventing in the US has a tremendous grassroots following. This is apparent by the tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans that make an annual pilgrimage to Lexington to attend the Kentucky Rolex CCI****. These fans are made up of volunteers, amateur riders, parents of riders, Pony Clubbers, veterinarians and horse lovers of all ages.

Syndicates allow us eventing fans to play a larger role in our sport. Instead of simply being spectators, we now have the opportunity to be very meaningful stakeholders in the future of individual riders, Team USA, and our sport.

Team USA Wants YOU!

Eventing is a unique sport that naturally creates a special connection between riders and owners at all levels of competition. It is truly amazing to participate in the process of competing at Rolex, or winning a medal at the Olympic Games, from the vantage point of an insider—being a member of a great team.

We hope that you will consider joining us in this exciting adventure and become part of the team on the journey to the top. Without broadening the ownership base in US eventing, our riders will be unable to compete on the world stage. Syndications through prospective owners like you will make it all possible.